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Color-Blind Racism

In this video clip, colorblind racism is demonstrated. However, it is done in a subtle way, leaving the viewer questioning whether or not the advertisement was indeed racist of not. We see a crowd of people surrounding a man. The crowd is a crowd of cheering, rowdy black men and women. The man within this crowd is a white man. The clip shows that the crowd of rowdy, excited black people is unable to be tamed, that they are by nature, loud and excitable people. The only thing able to sooth this crowd was for the white man to offer them chicken.

We don’t tend to think about the color of the crowd or the skin tone of the man within the crowd. What we normally see is simply another advertisement trying to get you to come into their restaurant to eat their chicken. Even though we typically don’t “see” the skin colors of the people in this advertisement, the message is still getting across to the viewers. The message being conveyed is that this brand of chicken can sooth even the wildest crowds, and the wildest crowds being that of colored people. The subtlety of this advertisement doesn’t leave the viewer thinking that this video clip is racist.

In this case, this advertisement is an Australian advert which shows that racism is not based in one culture alone, but is shown throughout a variety of cultures throughout the world. However, based on each culture, these advertisements and various racist videos may be seen differently and may not be seen as racist at all.

Pretending that this video clip does not demonstrate racism leaves the viewer as naive. If a viewer chooses not to believe such a video is conveying a racist belief, they will continue to fall victim to their colorblind ideologies. People need to see and understand that racism is still present.

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