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Branding Our Surroundings

In a day to day setting, we find ourselves surrounded by hundreds upon hundreds of brands. There are so many brands around us each day, that it is nearly impossible to list them all or even recognize them for that matter. Because we are surrounded so heavily with various brands every day, we begin to get a perceived idea of what we should be like.

Often times when I walked around campus, I noticed that certain “types” of people wear certain types of clothing and usually specific types of brands. Many times I see the athletic students walking around in track pants, sweatshirts, t-shirts, basketball shoes, and a hat of some sorts. The brands these types of students wear are often popular athletic such as Nike and various other brands. Other times I will see some of the Greek students, in particular the sorority girls, walking around in vibrant clothing with big bold brands emblazed on their clothing. These students have become walking billboards for the companies that’s brand is being shown on these clothing’s. It’s free advertisement for them, but also forces passerby’s to witness these advertisements.

Whenever I see brands being shown on clothes or on the items people have, I often find myself making preconceived assumption of what the person is like based on what they have. Such as if a person is using an Apple laptop and wearing designer clothes, I will often make the assumption that this person is quiet well off financially. Many times when I make these assumptions, I will also being to judge the person’s character, “are they stuck up?” “Are they judging who I am because I don’t look the way they do?” These questions are common in not only my life, but lives of other people.

Brands target specific types of people and this can sometimes come across as targeting specific races or a specific type of group of people. If a brand has an advertisement with an African American basketball player, the brand is targeting their product to people of the same race. And the same goes for brands that have campaigns with certain celebrities, if they show a well known face in their ad, then people who are a fan of that celebrity are more inclined to buy the product because they “want to be just like (insert celebrity name here)”

With these brands and the deliberate placements of their logos and advertisements, we become surrounded by the idea of consumption. If we do not buy these products we will be judged for what we do have and what we do wear. We form our individual identity based on the specific brands we surround ourselves with. We see “quality” in brands.

In our world, with the brands we see each day, we being to be so consumed with the idea that we have to be this way or look this way or have these things that we begin to become blind to what is truly important. The brands we use can occasionally be a fault because it could ultimately bring out misconceived judgments and racist beliefs because of the brands we use.

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