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The World Is A Cyborg World

When I think of a “cyborg” I think of someone or something that is heavily controlled by the technology around them. And to be honest, I believe that the large majority of our society has become a cyborg type of society. I can’t walk down the street, or sit in a class lecture without seeing someone on their cell phone, or laptop or Apple product. Technology is everywhere we look nowadays.

tumblr_lvt1476eId1r79nqko1_500This idea of our world being and becoming a cyborg society has been around far longer then I originally thought. When I was younger, I would always watch “Rugrats” and I always remembered that Charlotte, Angelicas mom, would always be on her phone doing business. If she wasn’t on her phone when you first saw her in an episode, it was only a matter of seconds before she was on it. I don’t think there was a single episode where she didn’t talk on her phone at least once. With Charlotte, she was a modern day cyborg, even in the 1990’s. She used her phone to stay connected with her work and with other people.

This is just a minor demonstration of what has become of our society today. Today, we are far more technologically dependent then Charlotte ever was in the television show. However, one thing that I found interesting about this “cyborg” was that it is a woman. Charlotte depicts a mother and a business woman in the show. I find this surprising because “Rugrats” is taking the boundaries that are set forth about a “typical American family” and switching it up. For being a cartoon in the 90’s directed towards children, I would have thought that it would have been the father figure being the cyborg and being attached to a phone or another piece of technology. The show broke down that traditional boundaries of the American community, and transformed it into a more feminine oriented lifestyle.

In Donna Haraway’s, A Cyborg Manifesto, she writes “Cyborg writing is about the power to survive…” Haraway is saying how being cyborgs is our way of surviving. Just like how our ancestry sapiens, which learned new skills and techniques to survive, we are also adapting to the world around us in order for our survival and for our ease in communicating with the people around us. Amber Case talks about how we have become cyborgs to be more human in her TED talk “We Are All Cyborgs Now”. Case and Haraway both have very similar messages; we are all using technology and surround ourselves with technology because it is our way of being human. Technology and being a cyborg is our new way of staying human and communicating with the people around us. We can see this whenever we go online and check our emails or when we receive a text message from a friend or a call from a parent. We are using these technologies to stay connected. As humans, we are social beings, with this ease of technology; we are able to be the social beings we are.

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