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We Have Become One With The Internet

More often than not, most people will simply agree to the terms of use policy set forth by social networking sites and various other websites without even glimpsing over what they are agreeing to. With the world we live in being so fast paced, we always claim that we “don’t have the time” to read over these policies. And if we did, we may just have to rethink what we are really getting ourselves into.

Whenever we go onto the internet and sign up for a SNS site, we automatically assume that our content we place on those websites is safe and secured, however this is never the case. After I went back and read through some of the SNS sites I use, I was not at all surprised that these terms of service policies clearly state the risk people take when they post items on these websites. When I read through Tumblr’s terms statement, I was struck by this line: “One thing you should consider before posting: when you make something publicly available on the internet, it becomes practically impossible to take down all copies of it”. I had always been aware that it would be difficult to take down whatever items people post, but it never occurred to me until it began happening with the items I posted on Tumblr. When people began “stealing” the items I posted on my Tumblr blog, such as graphics and stories I had written, that’s when I began to realize how anyone can be taking these things and using them for their own us or even plagiarizing my writing (which unfortunately has happened to me before).

With these terms of service statements, they warn users that things like this can, and probably will happen. But we do it anyway. We choice to ignore these policy warnings and then we get angry when something like this happens, even when we should have expected it.

Another part of the terms of service statement on Tumblr said “Something else worth noting: Countless Tumblr blogs have gone on to spawn books, films, albums, brands and more. We’re thrilled to offer our support as a platform for our creators…” This is what our internet has become. It is a platform for media and literature produced by us. We give the internet what it is. People can go online and anytime and find what they’re looking for on any social networking site. Everything for Tumblr to Twitter to Facebook, all of these sites are providing and encouraging that people post their own content. We have become a society of people based on the internet.

We have become a society who lives our lives connected to the internet; we have created what is known as Web 2.0. In Burgerss’ User-Created Content and Everyday Cultural Practice: Lessons from YouTube, he defines Web 2.0 as “a description of the actual features of some of the most talked about social media platforms built around user-created or contributed content…” We have created this culture we now live in because we want to be involved. People want to participate in the world around us and in the things that we enjoy doing. That’s where SNS sites come in, they provide an ideal place for our opinions, art, music, literature, and so much more. These websites created this atmosphere and it’s only growing as time goes on.

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